Archaeo Architects focuses on very few projects for which we provide personalized superior services to residential and commercial clients.

Van Drimmelen/Gore
Casa Sagrada
Cerro Gordo
Chapel of Light
Community Bank

In June, we look forward to starting a new home on a wonderful 30-acre property right on the Rio Bonito near Ruidoso. The land consists of forest covered hills on the north side that protect a lovely open meadow, which looks south toward the river and the light. Mature cottonwoods line the banks and there’s wild life everywhere. ...

Last Thursday evening Archaeo Architects were awarded two citations from the local chapter of the AIA (American Institute of Architects). We were recognized for the Van Drimmelen/Gore residence as well as the, as yet un-built, El Paso residence. These two awards mark the 19th and 20th received from the AIA in the past 13 years....

Coming in 2013, three of Archaeo's houses will be published in a book by Rizzoli on sustainable design. It is being written by Stephen Snyder, the author of such books as "The New Solar Home" and "New Green Home Solutions". The three houses are Casa Sagrada, Arcure and Ettinger. ...

Three of Archaeo's houses will be published in Italy later this year by Di Baio publishers in several of their magazines, such as "Case di Campagna" and "99Idee Casa". They are the Greene residence, Miller/Anderson and Seade. ...

The Mexico residential development Archaeo is involved in is moving forward and we hope to break ground soon on the first house seen here. The project is called Playas Pacificas and can be seen at The 130 lots are entirely off the grid and we're using photovoltaic solar panels for electric power among other sustainable building practices....

The home for Ralph and Judy Buchan has recently been completed and, in addition to designing the architecture,  Archaeo also had a hand in designing custom light fixtures, a courtyard fountain, interior and exterior doors, custom windows, etc. It has a nice hand crafted feel, supported by the wonderful pigmented plaster walls executed by Gustavo Duran and his crew from Santa Lucia Lath & Plasterers. The general contrator was Greg Ence ...