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Among the pleasures and rewards of belonging to a large professional society are the opportunities to break out of the workaday, sometimes a little lonely! Routine, and hear different perspectives, learn new things, test your own ideas against your peers, even have old things reaffirmed.  The American Institute of Architects is so large and encompasses such diversity that it has formed “Knowledge Communities” who share common interests and challenges. Or rather, the members have...

The Galisteo Basin Preserve Residence was recently featured in the March/April issue of Green Building and Design Magazine. "In New Mexico’s high desert, 13 miles south of Santa Fe on 160 acres of vast, rolling hills dotted with piñon brush and prairie grass is architect Jon Dick’s latest masterful creation: a stunning residence with a pinwheel layout of rectangular forms abstractly recalling the pueblo ruins of the tribes that once inhabited the Galisteo Basin." Click below to read the full article. Galisteo...

This past week Archaeo Architects picked up a merit award from the Santa Fe chapter of the American Institute of Architects for Ralph and Judy Buchan's home in St. George Utah. Many thanks to all those who were involved, particularly Ralph and Judy, who put their trust in us and collaborated with us all along the way....

Our Galisteo house is  represented in the new issue of Trend, pages 194 to 199. Pages 238 and 239 also feature another home we did for Madera Builders. Flip through the digital version of the magazine below:

One of our projects - the Burnside residence - was recently featured as a Project Profile on the AIA website. We were given the opportunity to name the road that leads to the Burnside residence, which sits on a 25-acre property.  We named it “Sendero de Luz”, or “Path of Light” – an apt description of the underlying theme of the house.  Its orientation on the ridge, the nature of the fenestration, the rooms wrapped around an open courtyard – all...