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In this design for a home in southwest Utah we chose to look back to the historical origins of Spanish Pueblo Revival vernacular and decided to create a compound, which is found in older homes throughout Mexico, Spain and the Middle East. Even though the home is essentially one building, we broke up the massing to give the appearance of several structures organized around a central courtyard. Hence, the primary rooms all have distinct massings and each takes advantage of the best views. In many respects, the architecture humbly steps back to allow the views to be paramount. This was achieved by wrapping butt-glazed windows around corners and seamlessly transitioned windows to skylights.

Like many traditional courtyard houses, this home provides an internal focus as well, with a garden courtyard with a modest amount of water, which is shielded from the wind and, to an extent, the sun. However, even this outdoor room enjoys views to the distant hills to the south.

When one occupies the home there is a perception that the only thing around is you, the house and the red rock landscape.

“Jon Dick is an extremely talented architect who listens attentively to his customers’ vision and ideas, and then does a wonderful job translating all that into your dream home. That’s how he turned our vision for our southwest Utah “Red Rocks” home into reality.

Jon is both an architect and an artist. This combination of discipline and creativity enabled Jon to repeatedly exceed our expectations. The examples are numerous… the exterior and interior doors, light fixtures, fireplaces, courtyard fountain and gate scaled perfectly and integrated with the architectural detail of the home because he designed everything in harmony.

All of this happened with a client living in Seattle, Jon in Santa Fe and the contractor in SW Utah. It came off without any significant hitches throughout the planning and building process. We strongly recommend Jon if you’re in the market for an architect.”

– Judy & Ralph Buchan


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March 4, 2016