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Van Drimmelen/Gore
Casa Sagrada
Cerro Gordo
Chapel of Light
Community Bank


The theme of this project was an exploration of designing within the historical vernacular of the Northern New Mexican style of architecture, while concurrently responding to site specific issues, such as predominant views, the changing light throughout the day and seasons, the natural topography, micro-climate, etc.

In addition, A Pattern Language by Christopher Alexander, was closely referenced to imbue the home with those timeless, universal aspects of architecture that resonate with many, including the homeowners. Many of those patterns exist in the historical structures in the nearby older villages.

The atypical equilateral triangular plan is a result of the requirement to capture specific views. What started as a more traditional “H” plan soon modified into a scheme where the main massing containing the great room was oriented to the northwest, so as to capture the Jemez Mountain view, as desired by Mr. Hoover. The master bedroom suite is oriented to the northeast, aligning with the Sangre de Christo Mountains, as desired by Mrs. Hoover. The garage and shop complete the triangle. Hence, their marriage remained intact.

“We have been working with Jon Dick and his staff at Archaeo Architects a little over a year now, but we feel like we’ve known him for much longer – in fact, Paul fell in love with an Archaeo house 8 years before we met Jon. When we started looking for architects and ran across Archaeo’s website, we immediately gravitated towards Jon’s designs; it was evident that we were destined to collaborate. 
Collaboration is fundamental to Jon’s approach – he has encouraged our input, and we have seen our ideas regarding both form and function get incorporated, assimilated, enhanced, and woven into the fundamental design of our new home. Jon has been careful to address the land and associated natural features, so that our home will harmonize with our surroundings. 
From the very beginning, Jon has taken a personal interest in understanding our needs, our desires, our lifestyle – so that our new home will be a reflection of who we are and how we interact with the world. Early on, he took us on a tour to see homes he designed and meet his clients. We experienced the beautiful, thoughtful details in each place, heard the delight as the owners discussed the design process and their homes, and witnessed the friendships Jon and his clients still share. The tour, which included an overnight out of town, was both illuminating and really fun. 
Jon’s holistic approach combines his personal engagement with us, smart business practices, superior architectural skills, and his unique combination of imagination, artistry, and innovation. Jon and his staff are wonderfully personable, professional, positive, hard-working; they are creative in finding ways to incorporate our ideas and address any challenges that arise. They are a small team who work well together and go the extra mile for their clients; they are truly delightful to work with. 
Although we are early in construction, we are very excited to see our new home come to life. We are confident that our trust has been well-placed with Jon Dick and his staff at Archaeo Architects. We have no doubt our relationship with Jon will be long and rewarding!

– Paul & Elinor Hoover


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March 3, 2016