Archaeo Architects focuses on very few projects for which we provide personalized superior services to residential and commercial clients.

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We treat employees with dignity, integrity, fairness, kindness & generosity. Honest people treating each other with respect.

This is a business where people can lead fulfilling lives and that quest is a fulfilling mission in itself. We want our employees to grow and reach their full potential. Hence we focus on learning & achievement, recognition & acknowledgement, a fair income and an enjoyable company environment.

We empower staff by providing state-of-the-art tools, teaching of new techniques and as always, trust.

Harmony between work life and home life is critical.

Articulating, demonstrating and imbuing the company with a higher purpose, namely, meaningful work that matters. A higher purpose is woven into the fabric of our business.

We never lose site of, let alone forget happiness. A higher purpose in life itself.

Jon Dick

Jon was born in the desert of northern Nevada, received a Bachelor of Architecture degree from the University of Idaho and a Masters of Architecture degree from Cornell University. Jon has been practicing architecture since 1982, primarily designing custom homes, religious institutions and a wide variety of commercial projects, for which he has received numerous design awards. Early in his career he worked for several years in New York and San Francisco before settling in Santa Fe in 1991. Many of his projects have been published in numerous books and magazines. Jon is a licensed architect in New Mexico, Nevada and New York. He is a past president of the Santa Fe chapter of the American Institute of Architects and is a member of the National Architectural Registration Boards.

His pursuit of designing significant architecture is somewhat hampered by working with his rather mediocre staff (Bradyn and Curtis). But it is so enjoyable being around them that it makes it all worthwhile.

When not working, one might be able to find Jon with his three young granddaughters out in the most remote locations within the natural landscape of the southwest, from which he finds his design inspirations.

Bradyn Podhajsky

Born and raised on a farm in the Midwest, this Leo has slowly made his way to the southwest with a few stops along the way.

When I actually get to leave the office, which is a rarity, I can be found on hurried hikes in the hills, perfecting my golf slice, pretending I’m a contractor on my house, reading Young Adult fiction, long walks on the beach and dreaming of the day I can start a junk-to-furniture business which I believe will be a HUGE success in Santa Fe.

People ask how or when did I know I wanted to be an architect. Perhaps it was when I would “design” my future house as a kid by using the drapery and bedding ads in the back of the JC Penney catalog – ‘My bedroom will be set up like this ad for coordinating duvet covers, shams and curtains, with those spiral stairs in the corner leading to my master bath with my soaking tub sunk in the middle of the room like it’s shown in this ad for bathroom towels.’ I may have even had a binder of ads ripped from the catalog…

Working at Archaeo Architects and our diverse clientele is a dream come true. Seeing the eyes of our clients light up when we realize their vision is a great feeling, says this wannabe adrenaline junkie. To do this, I use Revit software combined with Photoshop skills, interior design talent and stellar writing abilities. 3DStudioMax creates visions of the projects that hold our clients in anticipation until they are actually able to walk among the finished product.

Curtis Garcia

Curtis is a secretary, modeler, graphic artist and draftsman for Archaeo Architects – though, honestly and sadly, he is primarily utilized as just a draftsman. Having acquired two degrees in architecture from the University of New Mexico – a Bachelor of Arts in Architecture degree and a Master of Architecture – Curtis envisioned a charmed life of design and architecture after graduating and chose to pursue several different internships with a variety of firms in the Santa Fe area. Archaeo represents the latest chapter in his relentless 17 year internship process. Over those years, Curtis has developed an impressive repertoire of skills and talents, obtained from Santa Fe’s most talented architects and office managers. Though fluent in an assortment of advanced BIM modeling programs, Curtis has been relegated to develop and convey Jon Dick’s masterful architecture with pencils and papers… Ever the optimist, Curtis remains hopeful that at some point in the near future, he will be provided the opportunity to realize his own vision for architecture without the restrictive bounds and geometric confines of Archaeo’s endless circles, squares and triangles…