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Van Drimmelen/Gore
Casa Sagrada
Cerro Gordo
Chapel of Light
Community Bank


Overall, the clients were looking for a sense of warmth, comfort and protection, with a comingling of interior and exterior worlds. They felt that the house should be responsive to the site and preserve some of the characteristics of the mesa and be an organic part of it. Indoors, they wanted a sense of expansive shelter, without excluding the outdoors.

This house is an example of modernism that has been regionalized to fit and accent the site’s dramatic beauty. The theme of “a house as a permanent camp” was contrasted with the permanent contemporary building elements of copper, steel and glass. Conceptually, two “L” shaped stone walls define the main spine and heart of the house and. With more than 2, 000 square feet of developed exterior patios, roof terraces and skywalks, the house allows Nature to claim its heart.

“We funded a competition between three well known architecture firms to develop a concept proposal to determine which would design our new house. The results showed that Archaeo Architects most clearly understood our needs and desires as laid out in our program book. As part of their winning submission they visited the site and clearly considered the location, topography and history in their proposal.

They worked with us weekly to develop the initial design and move through to a detailed design. They worked with the selected building contractor to ‘value-engineer’ certain details for cost control. The final design was prepared in a timely manner of several months. After a natural disaster (forest fire) destroyed a significant fraction of our town, Archaeo stepped up to do a complete and timely redesign of the project to deal with our much changed circumstances.
Archaeo provided supervision of the building contractor, reviewing all work, rejecting or approving payment of contractor draws as they deemed the work acceptable.

The design combines both modern and traditional building materials in a much admired, award winning structure in a prominent location that has become a very comfortable home for us.”

– Steve Greene


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March 3, 2016