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Chapel of Light

A “CHAPEL OF LIGHT” is a non-denominational funereal chapel designed to welcome individuals of all faiths, as well as those not associated with any religion. The chapel takes the form of a circle, given that it is a universal theme of unity found throughout most cultures of the world. The space, like a theatrical “black box”, can be ornamented with various icons and images that the family of the deceased deems appropriate.

The seven-foot deep perimeter walls provide a sense of protection and are battered out to draw the eye heavenward. The space is also sculpted by way of natural & artificial light – RGB lighting around the perimeter can wash the plaster walls in limitless colors.

The interior rings are lit with ribbon light. There are no exposed light fixtures anywhere in the chapel. The only two windows in the space mark the summer and winter solstices.
The space is left intentionally spare, with the one ornamental theme being “the flower of life”, a symbol that predates Christ.

The overall intent was to create a space of light and brightness as a way to help celebrate the life of the individual and perhaps assuage the darkness of death.

“Jon Dick was extremely intuitive and patient with what has turned out to be a very long project. The uniqueness of the designed combined with the spiritual ambiance has resulted in a sacred space beyond what I had hoped. Archaeo Architect’s entire staff has been very attentive during all stages of the project. Their oversight and focus on keeping the project within budget was always well managed and all changes or unexpected costs were routinely reviewed prior to work being started. At all stages of the project Archaeo Architects has provided the support and follow up to keep the project on schedule and with the minimum of complications. I highly would recommend Archaeo Architects.”

– Tim Rivera, Chapel of Light


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March 2, 2016