Archaeo Architects focuses on very few projects for which we provide personalized superior services to residential and commercial clients.

Van Drimmelen/Gore
Casa Sagrada
Cerro Gordo
Chapel of Light
Community Bank

One of our projects - the Burnside residence - was recently featured as a Project Profile on the AIA website. We were given the opportunity to name the road that leads to the Burnside residence, which sits on a 25-acre property.  We named it “Sendero de Luz”, or “Path of Light” – an apt description of the underlying theme of the house.  Its orientation on the ridge, the nature of the fenestration, the rooms wrapped around an open courtyard – all...

Last Thursday evening Archaeo Architects were awarded two citations from the local chapter of the AIA (American Institute of Architects). We were recognized for the Van Drimmelen/Gore residence as well as the, as yet un-built, El Paso residence. These two awards mark the 19th and 20th received from the AIA in the past 13 years....

Coming in 2013, three of Archaeo's houses will be published in a book by Rizzoli on sustainable design. It is being written by Stephen Snyder, the author of such books as "The New Solar Home" and "New Green Home Solutions". The three houses are Casa Sagrada, Arcure and Ettinger. ...

Home Design in Colorado Here are some winter shots of a home we designed in Colorado along the east side of the collegiate range near Buena Vista. The design harkins back to the early architecture of the national parks, with a battered stone tower for elevated viewing of the panoramic landscape, plus a sheltered courtyard garden. That's Mt. Princeton and Mt. Antero in the background....

Utah residence Construction on a St. George, Utah residence, designed by Archaeo, is almost complete and the owners are thrilled with the outcome. The house is a blend of southwest traditional elements and an underlying modernist sensibility. The geometrically rigorous design is a collection of various massings arranged around a central courtyard, which itself is divided into an auto court and a private landscaped garden. The individual forms reveal the various functions of the house while also orienting to very particular views of...

Greene residence gets noticed in the movies The climax of the recent movie "Haywire" took place at the Greene residence, which Archaeo Architects designed. Several movie critics have taken notice of the home featured in the film. Below are some quotes from those reviews: “wonderfully cinematic and conveniently isolated house in New Mexico” New York Times “a New Mexico house to-die-for” Movie Web “gorgeous modernist home in the New Mexico hills” Film Journal “the last scene is set in an architecturally stunning stone house in New Mexico”...